Birthday Boy

It's that time of year again - Pop is officially another year older.
We celebrated in batches - 
a fun lunch at Stacked 
with the boys and their families,
along with Leanne and JacJac (who was a good sport about playing Pass The Baby).

While we waited for Marie to get off work for Birthday Round 2, Leanne gave PopPop his birthday present -
since she didn't have $$ for a gift, she decided to teach him to sew. (Awwwww)
Pretty sure that - and the handmade cards from Leia - were his favorite gifts of the day.  
Then it was dinner at Mama's Hummus with Marie's crew
and finally a movie for just the two of us - our second viewing of Magnificent 7 (which we will be seeing many more times. Love that flick.)
Happy birthday, PopPop - hope you had a great day!