Flat Stanley-etta

Earlier this month, Addy's friend Flat Stanley-etta* came to visit.
Hubby and I were happy to take her to see the sights
around Ventura and La Conchita,
including lunch at our favorite beach-side restaurant.
Stanley-etta made friends with a seagull,
hung out with surfers, 
admired the "California trees",
and the local oil pier.
We visited the San Buenaventura Mission,
Ventura Harbor,
and the wild poinsettias in Camarillo.
All in all, I think Stanley-etta had a good time. I know Pop and I enjoyed her visit very much.

* Flat "Stanley" just didn't seem appropriate with that pretty blue dress and long brown hair. Stanley-etta was a much better fit, name-wise.


Vickie said...

We were involved in a similar project with Flat William. Lots of fun, huh?