Amigurumi Love

Eweniversity is coming. 
Each year I teach a different little amigurumi animal, a quick project that should take only a couple of hours to complete.
I love last year's sheepies - which now live at Rachel's house - and the pretty purple octopi from the year before. 
But this year's Isabella* Hedgehog - an original pattern by me - is definitely my favorite.

*Leia named her. I was going to call her Helga, but hubby emphatically vetoed that idea. 


tanya romero said...

That is super adorable.

Rach said...

Henri Lepouf needs a friend. How about Hedgebert Stickerpants?

Vickie said...

Beyond adorable!!!!! I love Rachel's idea.

captainhook said...

I wanna crochet a hedgehog! That is so darn cute!