Phantom of the Opera is one of hubby and my favorite musical productions, so when I had a chance at discount tickets, we grabbed Leia and Mary and were on our way.
Not knowing what traffic in L.A. would be like on a Wednesday, we left home at 4:45 for an 8:00 pm show. 
Leia proudly giving me bunny ears.

So - of course - traffic was light and we got to the Pantages by 6. If we'd left any later we probably still wouldn't be there.
Dinner at Taps Bar and a stroll up Hollywood Blvd (that didn't come out right . . . ) 
left us plenty of time to stand around the lobby taking pics and listening to Leia ask, for the 93rd time, "Can we go in now???"
I wasn't sure how Leia would like Phantom since it's definitely not a kid's show, but she loved it. 
She sat on my lap for the entire production, absolutely fascinated. 
My favorite moment came in the first act when a uniformed actor in a white powdered wig walked on-stage and Leia whispered, "What's George Washington doing here?" Cracked me up.