Bre's Elliephant

Breanne admired the rainbow elephant I made awhile back and asked if I would make her one.
We discussed colors - both likes and dislikes - and headed off to lunch.  The very next day, I found the perfect yarn in the sale bin at my fav yarn store - 
the blues and sage green Bre liked, with the perfect white to set off the motifs. 

I added in a touch of orange* - Bre's favorite color - and a deep red to balance it out and viola - 
a teeny, tiny elephant. 
Teeny when compared to my rainbow baby anyway.
Leanne helped me take pictures - 
she took this shot -
before teeny, tiny went to her (his?) new home.
 "I like belly rubs and long walks on the savannah."

Breanne promised to tell me her baby's new name, just as soon as she decides on one.

Pattern is Nellie the Elephant African Flower Crochet Pattern by Heidi Bears. My project details are here.

* And yes, I did indeed buy a 400-yard ball of orange yarn, in the perfect shade, just so I'd have the 10 yards I needed for this elephant. Nothing strange about that, right?


captainhook said...

Fun! Love the critters! (Also the elephants.). 400 yard yarn purchase makes perfect sense to me. Especially since it's orange!