It Takes Two

It takes two of us to keep up with the little girls, and that includes keeping them in treasures toys. I found the idea for colorful bean bags here - teaches colors! improves hand-eye coordination! too cute to pass up! - and had to make them.

Leanne supervised my sewing - she was the official 'put the pins in the pincushion girl' -

and Leia was in charge of funneling the four pounds of popcorn kernels into the individual bags. (Pro tip: do not step on spilled kernels with bare feet. It hurts!)

But it was PopPop who put the icing on the cake - and the holes in the box - with his combined target and bean bag storage unit. Genius!
The main reason for making the bags was to help Leanne learn her colors, but this has rapidly become a favorite pastime for all four of us.

And for Miles too, when he came for a recent visit.
If I'd known how funny it is to watch Leanne wind-up for the toss! and miss! I'd have made this a lot sooner. So many giggles and memories in the making.