iPhone Cosy

Look what followed me home over the weekend - my first ever iPhone.

I've had several versions of iPads - and love them - but when it came time to pick a new phone, I tended to stay with LG's or Motorola's. Not this time.
I didn't want my new baby to get scratched up - and yes, it has a case and a screen protector, but you know how us new moms worry - so when I saw an iPhone case tutorial* on Pinterest . . .
If I was better at the sewing machine, this would probably have taken less than an hour to make. But I'm cautious slow, so it took the better part of the evening.
And I loooooove it. Who knew sewing could be this much fun.
* Pattern is Easy iPhone Sleeve Tutorial from Dog Under My Desk, here. Itook her advice and cut the fabric .75" longer to fit my iPhone 5S. When I make another, I need to remember to add .25" to the side measurements also. This was just a little too snug unless the final seams were on the very outside of the sleeve.


Elisabeth D said...

This is so cute! I love the fabric you used xx