Engineer Hat

This was fun to make 
but it looks absolutely ridiculous on me (most hats do.) But on Leanne?

The pattern is Engineer Cap* by Ellen Liguori from the book "Crochet Noro". 
Love that book! 
Great patterns, interesting yarns - there are only a few things in there that I don't want to make (mainly the skirts.)
Yarn is Noro Kureyon that I re-purposed from the Noro bobble hat I made earlier this year.
It was an interesting project, but no way was I ever going to wear it, so into the frog pond it went.
Buttons are from my favorite yarn shop. After hemming and hawing, I narrowed my button choices down to two - one that cost over $4 a piece, and these, that cost .80 each. Hmmmmm, tough choice . . . Not! Plus I really did like these better.
I'm teaching this as a class next month, then the cap will go to one of the baby grands - probably Naia, if it fits over all her hair. She loves wearing hats, so I've got my fingers crossed on the fit.   

*Errata/pattern error: Round 25 should read " Repeat Rounds 15 through 21"