A Girl And Her Slinky

I made "cheater" dresses for both Leia and Leanne last week. 
Leia loves hers - she's worn it twice already, but no pics yet since I couldn't find a camera either time.
Leanne, on the other hand, had to be tricked and treated into putting this on today. 
Thank heavens for peanut M&M's and sneaky grandmas who can quickly get little girls dressed while they are distracted by 'num-nums'! 
Once it was on, Leanne actually liked the dress.
She quickly mastered lifting the skirt with both hands, when needed, and loved twirling to make the bottom flare.
Wearing a long skirt obviously didn't slow her down.
And she loved going outside with grandma and her camera.  
I think she's going to be just as big a ham, and camera hog, as her Cousin Leia.