Tour de Fleece

Want to see why I'm doing Tour de Fleece this year? 13 pounds of roving and a gorgeous 4.5 pound fleece that I didn't have the heart to send to the processor. (Planning to spin it lock by lock.)

Grover; 6.75 pound Lincoln-Columbia cross

This is just what I sent to Aunt Janet's Fiber Mill a few months ago but I think it's all of the raw fleece I had stored in the house.
2.44 pound black and silver Karakul

I love the smell and feel of unwashed fleece;
2.88 pound white Karakul

once I see it, I can't stop touching it - and that's just a short hop away from it needing to come home with me.
.94 pound Jacob (I think)

So I've made a deal with myself - no more fleece until all this is used up.
4.5 pound Karakul fleece

Any bets on whether I can keep that bargain?