Strange Happenings

There's an alien in my garage - and a strange cat in my house. This is 3-month old Lily, who actually belongs to Gary and his girlfriend, Samantha. Lily is (allegedly) just visiting until Samantha moves into her new apartment, away from her allergic-to-cats roommate. In addition to being a real sweetheart, Lily is polydactyl, and should grow to be about 20 pounds, according to her mom's owner.

Dick's spent this week working on holiday presents - burning up lathe motors is more like it. After multiple visits to Harbor Freight and Woodcraft, he's actually getting some turning done.
The alien suit is an air-filtration, noise reduction get-up. He may look funny, but anything that keeps him safe and healthy is fine by me. I'm in the last stage on a couple of projects, but it's the time of year where I can't show pix. Soon, though. Very soon.