Turns out that little Lily - aka Pica (pain in [the other] cats a**) - is a lap-hogging lovebug. She's spending her nights, and any time we aren't home, shut up in Gary's room, at least until we know she knows where the litter box is - and that she isn't going to beat up on the other 2 cats. They outweigh her by at least 9 pounds each, but she's got the ignorance of youth on her side. So far, AJ and Snickers have been tolerant but that won't last forever. . . .

Marie and I took turns holding her last night. Today, Lily's been asleep on my lap all afternoon.
AJ's nose is a bit out of joint since she wants to be in my lap too. And while there's room for both, neither is going to be the first to admit it. Marie will take Lily after dinner and I'll make amends with AJ. I wonder if Lily will stay this cuddly? Or outgrow it as she gets older?