Father's Day

Sorry about not posting in awhile. I went into deep vacation mode while in Colorado, then brought back a cold/flu/bug that's been kicking my b**t ever since. (I even canceled a crochet class on Saturday, something I've never done before. I figured they'd rather not have a class with a side dose of fever, headache and runny nose.)

Today's the first day I've felt like doing much of anything, which was a good thing it being Father's Day and all.

The Dads

Marie had to be at work in Santa Barbara by 11, so we had an early breakfast with most of the California branch -
The littlest princess has 2 teeth now. So cute!

then Dick and I went to the bookstore (lots of good stuff), a movie (Taking of Pelham 123 - surprisingly good), lunch and a long drive along twisty, winding back roads with the car's top down. Fun! Back home for a nap (see 'kicking my b**t' above), then Gary stopped by while working to say happy pop's day too. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!
Naia made good use of the ribbon from one of Dick's gifts.