Escher's Horses

Saw this on Ravelry and couldn't resist. (Non-Ravelry link here.) Started it last night even though I should be working on the two knit sweaters in my WIP's*. The designer made the chart - an extensive, full-color chart - available for free on her blog. I'm continually amazed by the generosity of fiber people.

Tapestry crochet is hard on my hands and arms - juggling 3 strands of yarn in each stitch and using a small hook with very tight tension - so I'll be doing this a few rows at a time.
crappy cell phone photo; colors are deep purple (surprise!), red and bright yellow.

MC Escher is one of Gary's very favorite artists; I'm not sure I even knew who he was until Gary started pointing out his works. Now I love his drawings and illusions. Love that I can crochet one too.

*Works In Progress