Mini Stockings

These are the first of many mini-stockings (say that fast three times) that I'm making as tags for this year's Christmas presents. Each is a granny hexagon that is folded in half and seamed around the outside edge. Fast, cute and fun. What more could you ask for in a pattern? Doris Chan is offering this as a free download on Ravelry and on her blog. I'm going to see how many I can make without duplicating a color sequence. (I'm up to 12 so far.)

I also finished another scarf for Addy with the leftover yarn from her Roselette sweater and Swirls cap. The pattern is one I came up with - 4x4 basketweave on the ends, with 2x2 ribs in the center. Very textural and fun.
The idea is that the button can be threaded through anywhere on the scarf so Addy can wear it snug around her neck when it's cold (it was -4 in Loveland this week) or fashionably loose when the weather is warmer.
I tried to take these photos as the sun was setting; I'm bummed they turned out so crummy. Hope I can get better ones before I ship this off tomorrow.