Towers of Power, Redux

The original Towers of Power - and Ravelry's organizational tools - inspired me to reorganize my spinning stash as well as my yarn pile. I think this may be a system I can stick with. The old system was to shove it into big bins, stick a label on the outside, and basically forget about it.

Now I'm photographing everything, logging it on Ravelry (my spinning fiber is going in as 'handspun' so it will be separate from my yarns), and putting it in a labeled drawer. Ravelry lets me track which drawer a specific item is in so I can actually find it again.
And this is different how, you ask? With the drawers, I can get to the fiber without having to unstack everything, dig through it, and then try to restack the bins. And with it on Ravelry, I can shop my stash through photos and searches, rather than taking the previously easier (and more expensive) route of shopping the innernets.

I've gotten most of the yarns done - including most of my cones of weaving yarn - but I still have a little bit to go on the spinning stuff . . .
Just a little bit.


Anonymous said...

wow...you are gutsy to take pictures of your stash...I am not so much so gutsy these days. it's a mess and really does need to be organized...but weaving is so much more funner :)