Play Day

Rachel and John went shopping today (finally! I didn't think we'd ever get them out of the house so we could have Addy all to ourselves) so we had a play day.

Addy's decided that Grandpa is lots of fun. He makes silly noises
and funny faces and she giggles like crazy. Addy loves standing on her head grabbing Grandpa's mouth, and playing 'Where's Addy?". Peek-a-boo! Addy also discovered my crochet hooks and yarn. After watching me work for awhile, she asked to try crocheting and got right to work. She was fascinated and played with them for over half an hour, switching hooks so she could get just the look she wanted. My own little yarnie. I'm so proud!


Woven Spun said...

Start them out young and start them out right. You go grandma!