An Exciting, Exhausting, Very Fun Day

Yesterday was exhausting for little Addison. We went to the mall with Auntie Ree-Ree so mom could buy some last minute travel necessities and out to dinner with Uncle Matt. She wasn't sure if she liked this big guy who made funny faces until he shared his hat with her. Now she's a big fan. (Cell phone photos - sorry about the quality.)

While we waited at the mall, Addy had a great time throwing herself backwards,
totally secure that Auntie Marie would catch her.

By this morning, Addy was too tired to fall asleep for her nap, even after a full night's rest. I think she also knew something was up; mom was leaving for her trip home as soon as Addy went to sleep. It took a little while, and tested grandma's baby-whispering abilities, but she finally gave up and slept for over three hours. And she's been great the rest of the day.
Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby?