What a Difference A Day Makes

Look what we woke up to today - Notice anything different from yesterday's photos? We left the bedroom window open a little last night and about 2 AM we woke to what sounded like a tornado. At first I thought a bird had gotten trapped between the window and the screen; it sounded like the screen was being torn out. Turned out to be a freak storm. The wind was howling, snow were falling, and we had huge claps of thunder. Rachel was working and said that the wind came up so suddenly and so strong, that one of the officers thought some kids were shaking his patrol unit. One minute it was in the balmy 40's - the next it was well below freezing.

The wind was still howling and it was COLD when we got up. Dick had to clear the ice off the windshield before we could leave. Good thing the rental company gave us an ice scraper and that us fair-weather Californians could figure out how to use it! But nothing was going to keep us from our day of having Addy all to ourselves. Addy wasn't sure what to make of these non-mom-or-dad people, but she figured out pretty quickly that we were both pushovers. She'd sleep for an hour, play for an hour, have her bottle, then start all over again. She's an amazingly good baby - she fussed only a few times the whole day. If you haven't already seen the video on Rachel's blog, go here - baby giggles are contagious!

While planning this trip, we talked about letting Gary bring a friend along for company. But for one reason or another, it didn't work out. Once we were here, Gary casually mentioned that one of his friends was visiting his dad in Colorado. A couple of phone calls later, we'd arranged to pick up Kyle for an overnight stay - his dad's house is about 30 minutes south of Rachel's. (small world!)

The boys spent the afternoon at the mall watching a movie. We got back to Estes Park about 7 - but not to the cabin. Stay tuned for tomorrow's story . . . . . The Shining!