Hooks and Socks And Friends, Oh My!

This is the first 'real' crochet hook (not a prototype) that Dick has finished. It's bubinga, ivory, and ebony. The handle is a little shorter than I like - the next batch will be slightly longer - but Sharon said it fit perfectly in her hand, so it went home with her. Dick has about 10 more handles done, just waiting for him to carve the hooks. Zebrawood, canarywood, tulipwood, bubinga, cocobolo . . . . not sure what others he's done. They look beautiful and the balance is fantastic. (Can you tell that I love them?)

The last part of the sock class was tonight. I was hoping we'd get through the gusset and foot, and at least start the shaping for the toe. That was a little optimistic. The heel turn and gusset took awhile to explain - those 10 rows are the hardest part of the project - but everyone made it through. And the socks all fit! I love all the different colors and types of yarn that were used. Custom-made, custom-sized socks, as promised. Everyone promised to finish both socks and bring them in for me to admire. Can't wait to see them!

Vickie, Wenona, Ellen and I try to get together once a month to craft. We don't always make the 30-day interval; in fact, it's been about six months since we last met. But yesterday we were finally able to mesh our schedules and hang out for the day at Ellen's. Vickie's lockerhooking a rug with fabric left over from her quilting days; Wenona was crocheting the Martha Stewart 'Coming Home' poncho; Ellen was crocheting a prayer shawl; and I worked on a demo sock for tonight's class and got pointers on finishing my knit scarf. It was a wonderful day. Thanks, guys!