New Digs

Want to see my new office? I'll be spending a lot of time here until the November elections. I have a fancy title - Data/Computer Chair, (yeah, I know. The first time I saw it I thought they meant I had to bring my own seating.), a nice office, and no pay. I did mention that I'm volunteering for this gig? No? Dick's not overly pleased, but he's being supportive, as always.

This is definitely a 'woohoo' campaign kinda place. The carpet is red and the walls are stark white. Put up a little red, white & blue bunting and it's downright patriotic. This is the view as you walk in the front door. The phone bank is in the back and the arrow points to my little cubby.

Notice anything missing from the phone bank room?
Like phones? All our volunteer callers are working out of other locations until we get the phones installed, maybe on Monday. Internet should be in on Monday too. Do you know how hard it is to work without an online connection? Or maybe I should say online "fix"; I'm definitely addicted to instant access.

Looking from the phone room, you see our kid's room - complete with couch, TV & VCR/DVD - my office, and the boss's digs. He gets a window looking directly out on Main Street, but that's OK; there's no desk in there (yet) and it's much smaller than the one I'm using.

We also have a kitchenette with refrigerator, sink and microwave (donated by yours truly) and a bathroom with a door that locks if you close it from the outside. You can't get locked in - it's easy to open from the inside - but you can get locked out. Not a good thing when the only guy with a key isn't on the premises. We are definitely getting a duplicate of that key.

Vote Yes on P6!

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