Hi Ho Santa

The plan was for the girls to wear their princess dresses for today’s visit, but since both dresses were AWOL (at the parents) we had to improvise. 

A quick trip through Target for new shirts - and fancy matching headbands - and we were back in business. 

Jac wasn’t happy about having her picture taken by strangers - or having grandma out of her reach - but she was fairly cooperative when the big girls held her.

 The only smiling picture in the lot.

But she took one look at the bearded guy in the red suit and decided no.way. was she doing this.

Leia cajoled and PopPop sat on the floor within reach but out of camera range, ready to grab Jac if she made good her escape. 

A few quick snaps and we were done.

Despite the tears, we got some fun shots. 


One of these days I’m going to make a scrapbook of only Santa visits, going back to when Pop and I were kids. Bet there’s a few crying kids in there too. 


Sushi Christmas

We always get together with Breanne and her family sometime in December to celebrate Christmas. Finding time in her family’s busy schedule can be tricky, so imagine our surprise when today - early in the season! - was clear for us both.

AND, miracle of miracles, my holiday shopping is d.o.n.e., so the presents were ready to be wrapped and loaded into the flannel pillowcases I finished last night. 

I love going to dinner in Breanne's area - there are so many unusual, and delicious, choices. 

Tonight was Kura, a Japanese restaurant that serves sushi on a conveyor belt. See something you like? Pull on the plate, the lid pops up and voila!, dinner is served. 

There’s an iPad for ordering hot or non-sushi items, like Leia's 4 plates (!!) of tempura shrimp and my baked shrimp in avocado (soooooo goooooood). These are delivered by a second conveyor belt, directly to your table.

 Leia, as we’re leaving for the restaurant: Eww, I don’t like sushi. Also Leia, halfway though dinner: I loooooove this place. Can we come back again next week??

The chefs stood behind our table so we were able to watch them work. Travis was fascinated by the torch one guy was using. You could see the wheels turning in his head, thinking of ways he could try that at home . . .

A few baby snuggles (Isaac is 14 months and 25 pounds; such a sweetie!),

a little birthday cake (proudly decorated for me by Travis)

a trial run on the new pillowcase 

and it was time to go home. Time flew by way too fast. 

Merry Everything, y’all!


It's Done!

Bound, washed and ready for its glamour shots.

I started this in July, thinking it would be a quick finish.

I was wrong about “quick” but it is finished and ready to go to its new home on Christmas Day.

I tried to find something for the backing in my ever-growing stash but nothing was quite right. A quick trip to my LQS turned up this metallic print that I love. I *might* have gone back a few days later and bought more . . . Did I mention my stash keeps growing??

That’s one quilt down and three (four?) to go before St. Nick makes his annual appearance. Wish me luck. . . .