Guild Challenge

This year's Guild challenge was to make a cushion. It could be a chair pad, pin cushion, anything we wanted, using any technique we wanted. The challenge? We had to use the colors in the crayons we drew from a paper bag - no peeking and no swapping!  In a bag filled with orange, purple and green crayons - my fav colors - I ended up with ...
light brown, cornflower blue and white. All neutrals.

Fortunately, we had the option of adding other colors to the mix, and the proportion of the designated colors was also up to us. So the back of my cushion . . .
is my crayon colors, with a little bit of sparkle in the white to liven things up. I love this spiral technique where all three colors are worked in each "row".   
And the front? No neutrals here! And also no newly purchased yarn. Every color I used came directly from my big bin of acrylic yarns left over from other projects.
Love how bright and cheerful this is. The front is based on the Blooming Flower tutorial at Attic24. I love Lucy's work!
I'm very pleased with how my cushion turned out. And the most surprising thing of all? I finished this early - 2 whole days before it was due. Bonus points for me!


Vickie said...

Definite bonus points; love how bright and cheerful your cushion is!!!