Baby Giraffes

Today was the first time we've had both girls and no other obligations since the baby giraffes were born at the Santa Barbara Zoo. So guess where we headed? I didn't get many pics of the little ones - there was a crowd around their compound the whole time and I was busy holding either Leanne or Leia up so they could see. But can I just say "cuuuuuuuuuuute"!
Leia fed Michael, the babies' dad, but Leanne wanted nothing to do with him. She stayed pressed up against PopPop the entire time. 
Michael wasn't much interested in being fed, at first; he kept eating his hay and ignoring the trainer. 

Then he slowly ambled over, almost walking past the girls,
before he decided maybe he did want the nice green veggies he was being offered.
Not bad for a cellphone shot, eh?
We did all our usual things, in our usual two hours; checking out the fish pond - 
before heading to Leia's main reason for going to the zoo - sliding down the hill! Leanne hasn't quite got this figured out, but she was enjoying herself anyway.