Yard Art

Want to see what's kept me from blogging for over a week?  And from doing much of anything else during that same time period?

Doll clothes.
Specifically, a crocheted set of 2 sweaters - pullover and cardigan - 2 hats -beret and bonnet - blanket, backpack, messenger bag, and the scarf from h*ll. These were a commission for a local company and had to be completed within 2 weeks. Which sounds like plenty of time - except I had to design and write the patterns as I went. It was a challenge, and I loved it; all except the last scarf which had to be redone once and took well over 25 hours for a 1.5" x 20" piece of nothing.  Changing yarn every 2 rows will sure eat up the time.

So, want to see what we did to celebrate the job's completion? Had lunch at a nice restaurant in downtown Ventura and went yard art shopping in Ventura* and Carpinteria**.The original plan was to go antiquing, but lawn baubles are what followed us home. This is Clarence, one of the cutest wind chimes ever 
And how could I say "no" to this little guy?? 
I'm hoping Addy will give him a name when she sees him/her. Clarence and Mr. No-Name Pig join Mr. Peacock Rooster Head (Addy named him. See why I can't wait to see what she comes up with for the pig?)
and our hard-working little ant with his very own wheelbarrow. 
We also picked up yet another variety of purple flowers for the yard. 
Not sure what this is called, but I saw them in a hanging basket and fell in love. They love sun - a good thing in our front yard - and lots of water - a bad thing in our yard, since we don't have automatic sprinklers and rely on hubby for keeping plants alive. It'll be interesting to see how this one does. 

*Oasis Garden and Patio, one of the nicest, must-buy-one-of-everything stores I've seen in a long time. Pig, Clarence and the flowers all came from here.
** No yard art in Carpinteria - but I did find a cool yarn-quilting-felt store. Roxanne's A Wish and A Dream replaced the old Treasure Hunt at 919 Maple, Carpinteria.


Vickie said...

WOW...commission work? Way to go, Elisa!! Did the store also buy the patterns?