Eggceptional Day

The baby grands spent the night with their mom
but came over this morning to see what the Easter Bunny left for them. 
They were in no doubt that something would be waiting for them at Grandma and PopPop's house.  And they were right, of course. 
Mr. Bunny arrived during the night, sporting nontraditional baskets - Big Bird, basketball and Sock Monkey - and nontraditional contents, including a Tinkerbell dress that make Leia eggstatic.  (A little Easter humor . . . .)
On his way out, Bunny hid a slew of eggs around the front yard. Some were pretty obvious -
but others took a bit of searching.
Miles and Leia were up for the challenge, but Naia quit looking fairly quickly, deciding she was more interested in what was eggtually in the eggs. 
 Lunch was picnic-style on the grass, 
  and we didn't even pretend that the kids wanted anything other than Mickey D's. 
How can you say 'no' to such happy faces? 
Leanne arrived after most of the eggtivity was over but she didn't seem to mind - 
she played with Cousin Leia until the eggcitement wore her out. 
Hope your day was as eggceptional as ours! Hoppy Easter!