Time Away

Since we had nothing planned for the weekend, hubby and I decided to take a quick jaunt north. I made a reservation at a neat, freshly refurbished motel in Morro Bay and we were off.

Lunch was at Beachsid
e Cafe in Goleta, where we'd never eaten before but was highly recommended by friends. And they were right; we expected a hamburger joint from their description. What we got was a first-rate fish restaurant with great views of the Goleta pier and the storm moving down the coast.

We continued slowly up the coast, stopping in small towns to check out antique stores. Hubby really made out this trip -
everywhere we stopped, he found a treasure to add to his collection of woodworking planes and vintage watches.

Despite the rain (in California?
in June??) we made good time and checked into our room at the Beach Bungalow Inn & Suites almost 3 hours ahead of schedule. The 50's era motel was completely refurbished 7-months ago (according to the helpful desk clerk) and it was nice. Hardwood floors, comfy bed, lots of floor space, fireplace and big flat-screen TV. Sweet! We decided to hold off on Cayucos, the main goal of our trip, until the next day, so despite the now fairly heavy rain, we headed into Cambria for a little more antiquing. And I found my first treasures of the trip - a $3 vintage niddy-noddy (my favorite find on this trip) and a $3 plastic crochet hook from the '50's or '60's. On Sunday, Cayucos yielded a cute tatted doily ($5) and a 3-tier cut-glass candy dish. Not sure how old it is, but I love the look of cut glass and how the light shines through this particular piece.

At our last stop in Arroyo Grande, I picked up a double-ended crochet hook (in the photo above)
and a tube with a sampling of well-used hooks to add to my collection.

It was gray and overcast when we left Cayucos in early afternoon, but the rain caught up with us again as we moved south.
But how can you complain when it results in a rainbow over the ocean as big and bold as this one ?


texaswomantrue said...

Next time I want to take a trip I am going to call the "Elisa trip planning service"!!! You take the neatest trips. I just love Cambria and rain would have made it even better!