Last year, hubby planted some purple mini-pansies in the blue tri-pots outside our front door. He figured they'd last a month or so and then we'd replace them with something else. The pansies had another idea. They spread from planter to ground and bloomed for months. Once winter came - and the pounding rains that flood that part of the yard pretty badly - I figured they were gone for good.
Looks what's back, better than ever. They're even coming up through the new flowers we recently planted. These things are determined to live - and are probably planning to take over the entire yard. See those teeny, tiny things in the walkway by our front door? Want a closer look? Oh, pansy yard-domination is underway.


anneland22 said...

pansies as a weed?

Restless Knitter said...

I had no idea they would spread like that. I wonder if they would choke the mint that's trying to take over our yard.