The White Stuff

Slow day for blogging so I'm going to steal borrow a photo that Dick's sister sent. This is snow in California. Not where we are on the coast - we just got rain and wind and cold. This is the high desert near Lancaster/Palmdale, where over 8" of the white stuff is sticking to the ground. Sure is pretty in a shivery, break-out-the-shovel kinda way.

We went to see a live production of Jesus Christ Superstar - featuring Ted Neeley, who also starred in the move - tonight at the Wilshire Theatre. I spent the very long, very wet drive down to Beverly Hills, plus the half hour before the play started, working on these. I'll try to get photos tomorrow.

JC was the first professional play I ever saw, right out of high school. I'd been involved in high school musicals as part of the band or orchestra, but seeing a professionally done, very controversial (at the time) play was eye-opening. Dick and I love going to plays and musicals and we've seen several live versions of JC - and the movie, multiple times - over the years.

Maybe I was expecting too much - Neeley has to be getting up there in years - but this one was disappointing. Not a lot of energy, odd staging, just blah. Oh well. Phantom of the Opera is coming in January. Bet that will be excellent.