UFO's To Go

I've got a bunch of UFO's that need finishing in the next 10 days. Tomorrow I'm going to a dye workshop at a friend's house (hi, Laura!); I'm taking the Addy dress to work on while waiting for the dye pots but don't know how much I'll actually get done on it. The front bodice is complete and I've started the back; since there are no sleeves, that only leaves the skirt and trim. Piece of cake.

Saturday is my knit top-down sweater class and I need to have the yoke done to where the sleeves divide.
Progress was good and I wasn't particularly worried until it dawned on me - I'm slow - that each row increases so the further I go, the longer each row takes. Fourteen rows to go by Saturday at noon. Cross your fingers for me.

I don't have any more of the pink yarn to use in seaming Addy's jacket, so I've decided to pick up stitches in the variegated yarn beginning at the front, around the end of the sleeves, and across the top of the back, then knit a row or two before binding off and seaming it up.
I think it will be cute and tie the whole thing together. A couple of hours work (yes, I'm slow - are you seeing a theme here?) will see this one done.

What else, you say? Lois, my local yarn pusher, got in a new batch of Blue Heron Rayon Metallic yarn and one of the colorways is Chocolate . . .
which is the exact brown Chris chose as one of her wedding colors. Soooooo, I'm going to make myself a shawl to wear to the wedding. Which is next Sunday. In 9 days. The good news is I've done this pattern a bunch of times, so it should go fast. The bad news? Crocheting still hurts my arm and shoulder, so I can't power through all of this like I normally would. Knitting doesn't hurt. Go figure.

And I'm still working my way to the finish line on Anna Michelle's baby blanket.
She came early so I hope Meg will forgive me that it isn't quite done yet. But progress is being made and it becomes Project #1 as soon as the wedding is over. Promise.