Super Bowl, Super Mitts

Although we aren't football fans, we almost always watch the Super Bowl. More for the commercials than anything else. (The Blockbuster Mouse ad was the best this year.) But I need a project, something to keep me busy while the actual game is on.

I have a drawer full of yarn I've spun, beginner stuff that isn't fit for public view. Love the color, love that it's my first real plied yarn. But what is it good for?
Tossing it isn't an option. But felting it is. I crocheted oven mitts - without a pattern, as you can probably tell from the first picture - to replace the ancient, charred ones we currently use. Before felting, they were 11.5" and pretty ugly. After two trips through the washing machine, they are a svelte 10" of heat-resistant beauty. The thumb didn't shrink as much as the rest of the mitt; it looks huge and out of proportion. If I did these again, I'd change the way I finished the top of the mitt and make the thumb shorter. But overall, I like how they turned out. And I like that I could use my handspun for something useful. Now, if I can just keep them from getting set on fire like the last pair of mitts . . . . .