325 Smackeroos

Yesterday, we stopped at the camera store where we bought my poor broken baby to get her repaired. Other than the cracked glass/plastic covering on the LCD screen, she still works fine. The only damage I did when I smacked her into the airplane armrest was the fairly impressive crack you see. The store owner shook his head mournfully, called the repair people, and said it would be - you might want to sit down here - three.hundred.and.twenty.five. dollars to fix. Oh, and gee, you might as well buy a new camera body, because you're already halfway to the $650 it would cost.

Wrong. Dick told him we'd think about it, brought the camera home, popped off the broken plastic, then cut, shaped and fitted a new piece of plastic. Cost? $15.

Estimate for camera repair: $325
Cost for a new camera body: $650
Benefit of having a very handy hubby: Priceless

$325 my ass.