Cabo San Lucas

We had signed up for a whale-watching excursion in Cabo but it was not to be.

The view from our balcony as we pulled into port was grey, overcast and windy.

And it didn’t get better. 

By 10 am, gale force winds forced the suspension of the ship-to-shore tenders - our only means of getting ashore - and our afternoon whale tour was cancelled. 

At noon, we had sunny skies and the ability to go ashore . . .

and at noon-thirty, the clouds, winds and cancelled tenders were back. And so it went all afternoon.

We decided to play it safe and stayed on board; we’d rather not be stuck in Cabo if the tenders were forced to stop running altogether. And we could console ourselves with an extra pastry at tea time . . .

The upside to cloudy skies was the beautiful sunset 

we watched from the aft deck 

 It was still verrrrrrry windy.

as Queen Elizabeth loaded the last of the tenders back on board 

and we headed back out to sea.

See you in two days, San Francisco!