Quarters and Bubbles

While we were in South Dakota, I noticed the National Parks are now featured on US quarters, similar to when each State got its own quarter design back in the '90s.

I liked collecting the State quarters, and thought the girls might get a kick out of it too, so off I went to Amazon for a set of books for each of the older girls.

Leia and I sat down today with her books and the box of loose change Pop and I collect each year. An hour later, she'd made substantial inroads in both the State and National Park books. And she loved it. I'm so happy!

On that same trip, I found a woman selling beautiful hand-welded bubble wands she'd made. How could I pass that up?!?

Leia and I made a big batch of bubbles - 12 cups water, 2 cups Dawn liquid, 2 tablespoons glycerin - to try them out. 

Success! And Leia now has a new favorite exercise program - jumpin' and kickin' to the bubbles. Think it will catch on?