Design Antics

Even after spending all weekend with my sewing machine, the quilting bug still had me firmly in its grip,

 Cute grandgirl included for size (and for her awesome panda pants)

so Monday afternoon I pulled out my most recent purchase ('cause it was on top of the pile . . .)

and started working on my fear dislike of half-square triangles. By Monday night I had a big ole pile of HST's and no clear plan what I wanted to do with them. 

Today, Leanne and I set up my design wall and started auditioning layouts.

We both started out kinda traditional but Leanne quickly went her own way. 

 Giraffe #1

She was more than a little annoyed when I wanted my squares back, so we raided my stash for a charm pack that would be all hers.

 Giraffe #2

And my final design?

 It's about 48x36" on the wall

Not nearly as cute as Leanne's but I like it. Tomorrow we sew!