Travel Day - London

It's finally here! We've been planning this trip for over six months. Day 1 - today - was LAX to London's Heathrow via my favorite international carrier, Air New Zealand.

 We originally had seats in Premium Economy (and they were pretty nice …)

but a few days ago I scored us an upgrade to Business Premiere.

So sweet! The price included access to the first class lounge at LAX - cushy seats and free food/drink -

plus real food with real flatware (knives! non-plastic forks!) and a white tablecloth on the plane,

and best of all, lay-flat beds! So much better than trying to sleep sitting up for 10+ hours.

 We're spending 3 nights at a Hilton hotel in Southampton before boarding Cunard's Queen Elizabeth on Saturday for a 14-day cruise. Stay tuned!



Tanya said...

Cant wait to see your adventure!

Vickie said...

Keep those pictures coming!