Jac's First Road Trip

Hubby had a roaring case of cabin fever after being down for a week with a sore back, so Saturday we packed up the available baby grands and headed north.
First stop - Ostrichland.

Leanne was a bit nervous at first
- those are some big dinosaurs birds - 
but she quickly figured out they were only interested in the food pellets
and not in biting/pecking her.
Once the ostrich food ran out - and we'd counted ostrich toes -
we headed for our own lunch
and then into Solvang
for Leanne's special surprise -
a ride on the horse-drawn trolley.
She was one very happy girl.
You know it's been a good day when you end up with green frosting on your nose.

And I was happy too . . .
these silly socks and another cuckoo clock might have followed me home.