Dancing Umbrellas

Every now and then, something comes along that totally captures my imagination.

I saw this pattern at my local quilt store and knew I had to make it right now. When it came time to select fabrics, I took Leia with me and turned her loose in the store, with instructions to find all the bright colors she liked.
I paired her 20+ selections down a bit but this reflects her (excellent) choices, plus a bit of fabric from my stash. She and Leanne also helped me decide on color combinations. When this is done, it's going to be bright. And cheerful. And I love it.
Machine appliqué is a slow process - at least for novice me - so I took advantage of hubby being gone tonight to make a bit of progress.

Looks like Lily wasn't impressed.


Vickie said...

Love, love, love the colors!

captainhook said...

Fantastic! Adorable! And I love the cat pic as well.