The weather outside is frightful - temps in the 80's and 90's until today, when we got high winds, pounding surf and 3 drops of rain.
Which is about the polar opposite of what we had during our Thanksgiving week in Colorado.

We have, however, still managed to get into the Christmas spirit.
Santa has been visited -
Travis will be 4 on the 23rd!

and the girls made their holiday trek to Build-a-Bear, 
bringing home Clarice (for Leanne) and Princess Dancer (Leia). 
Mary and I took a fun wreath class
at the Christmas tree farm owned by one of my favorite former co-workers.
Addy decorated her tree while we were in Colorado,
(did I mention I taught her finger crochet - she's a natural! - and more embroidery stitches while we were there? Proud grandma!)
Yesterday we started a fire,
then got out our boxes 
and boxes 
(and more boxes) 
of decorations 
so the little girls 
could help us 
with our tree.
They even stopped bickering for 47 1/2 seconds 
so I could get a couple of decent photos.

Now that's what I call Christmas spirit!