Untimely Sweater

I finished this little pretty on the hottest day of the year  
- an all-time-record-breaking 108
But did that stop me from forcing sweet-talking Leia into modeling it for me? 
No, it did not! Poor kid. But she got frozen yogurt out of the deal, so she was happy.
I made a few changes to the original pattern (shocking, right?) but overall it was well-written, easy to follow and fun to make. My only complaint is the lack of schematics.

The shawl collar may be my favorite part of the design; so clever and comfortable.
And bonus! The button I bought on vacation in Port Townsend works perfectly.  
Now I just need the temperature to drop by about 40 degrees so I can wear this.
Where's that El Nino everyone's been talking about???  

Note: Pattern is Tall Cables by Laura Gebhardt.