This extended weekend was Leia's ballet rehearsal and performance. On Wednesday, I had to have her in Thousand Oaks (30 minutes away), in full costume and make-up, for rehearsal by 8:15 AM. That's in the morning.
I expected Leia to be in shock when I woke her at 7, but all I had to say was "on stage" and she bounded out of bed with a huge smile on her face.
I thought we'd be done and home by 10:30, but the organizers were running waaaaaay behind schedule. Leia's class was supposed to be on stage at 9; they finally got up there just after 10. And hers was the first group of the day. Not a good start.

But you know how they say a bad dress rehearsal makes for a great performance? So true! Saturday night went off without a hitch.
Leia and her buddies had fun waiting backstage for their turn to perform, on blankets we supplied (I was 'blanket grand-mom') and entertained with snacks, coloring books and stickers supplied by other moms.
And their performance? Sooooo cute.
They also performed in the finale, walking on stage for their bow in front of all the other dancers.  Did I mention how cute they were??
We finished off the evening in grand style,with a partay at Applebee's where Missy Leia had a brownie and ice cream all to herself.

Video of the performance wasn't allowed, so this is the dress rehearsal. Leia is 4th from the left. Enjoy! 


Vickie said...

Doesn't get much cuter!