More Quilting

I may have to change this from a crochet and grand-girls blog to a quilting and grand-babies blog, especially since I love posting pix of My Boy Travis.
Crochet is still happening but quilting is where my energies - and heart - are right now.

Remember the black and white quilt top I made for Breanne and Garrett for Christmas? I finally got the backing put together and mailed it off to a long arm quilter in Oklahoma. Less than a week later, it was back and I think it looks fabulous. 
I opted for the 4-ounce polyester batting this time; hubby wants a 'thicker' quilt when I make his and I wanted to see what difference there was from the cotton batting I prefer.
After a quick wash and dry, the batting puffed up nicely - much more so than  cotton - giving this a lumpy, bumpy affect. I still prefer my cotton, but hubby says this is closer to what he wants.
Hope Bre's family gets years of use from this!   


Vic said...

The quilt is absolutely wonderful! How are you feeling...I heard you have the flu?

Anonymous said...

Is this one of those jelly roll quilts?

Elisa said...

Yep, it's the jelly roll race quilt. Love making these!