FO Catch-Up

I've gotten a bunch of crochet things finished lately, mostly class samples that had to be done (in theory) when the class schedule came out at the end of December. Yeah, missed that deadline on a couple of things, but I'm getting there. 

I took a breather to work on a fun project - a Gumdrop Hat for Naia. 
See that happy face? That's why I make things for her. She can't wait to wear it to school tomorrow. And you'll notice how looooooong the hat is? 
It barely fits over all her hair.

Some class samples - honeycomb cowl, using Tunisian crochet on a double-ended hook. Seriously fun to do and I love the texture. 
And crocheted slippers, both non-felted 

and felted.
Thought I'd like the felted version best but nope - going to make another set just like the blue pair for ME.

Seems like there should be more things, but I can't think of what they are. Maybe that means I'm closer to done than I thought I was? Crossing fingers . . . .


Vickie said...

Naia looks fabulous in hats; wish I did!!