Fishing For Perfection

The sewing bug still has me firmly in its grasp. Started searching online for the perfect project bag pattern and came up with this.
It's easy to make - always a good selling point for me - and looks great. I love the shape and the layers and all the pockets (on both sides) for carrying treasures and what-nots.  
The hardest part for me was making the box corners, and the original pattern was no.help.at.all. It said something like 'open your corners and press them down and make them look like this." Riiiiiiiiight
Fortunately, Mr. Google came to my rescue and I found this tutorial. Easy-peasy. 

Prototype #1 is done and while it's definitely usable - I'll be taking it with me to Lace Day in Torrance tomorrow and WeFF on Sunday - it's not quite perfect.I'd like the body to be a little bit wider (maybe 2"?), a little bit taller (another 6"?), and the straps definitely need to be lengthened so I can carry it over my shoulder.
Fortunately, I have lots more gifted fabric (thanks, Melinda!) so I can play until I get it jusssssst right. 


Vickie said...

Looks great!!