What Friends Are For

aka "Doing Our Part For The Economy."

We're not calling it 'shopping' or 'enabling' or even 'enhancing the stash'. Thursday's Craft Shop Crawl was done strictly as a way to show our support for local shops; it was our patriotic duty. Yeah, hubby didn't buy that one either. But the three of us had a great time visiting yarn shops - my $3.53 total-price-including-tax haul 

book stores, both new (Mysteries to Die For) and used (Bookaneer) -$5 used book with some great projects 
a new-to-us quilt store called Cotton and Chocolate (how perfect is that??) -where I picked up a few items, including the sew-on tags below, and their extensive list of classes.  Definitely plan on going back to C&C.
Then we hit Joann's, where I cleaned up on the remnants rack again, getting most of this for 75-80% off. Over a yard of fleece for less that $3.50? Quilt-able cotton fabric for $1.00? I'll take it! It'll join the growing pile of Christmas gifts-in-the-making I have stashed in the closet. 
Our last stop was our great local bead store, Creative Castle, because they had the great good sense to stay open until 8 pm. I was shopped out by that point, but my buddies made up for it. 

All in all, it was a fun, patriotic day. And a great warm-up for our trip to Vogue Knitting Live on Saturday . . . .