Sew Compulsive

I seldom sew. My mother was an excellent seamstress - making matching outfits for all 8 of us kids at least twice a year, plus designing all our prom dresses - and taught me to sew when I was young, but it never really took. Over the years, I've forgotten a lot of what I once knew. I prefer crafts with a 'fudge' factor, where you don't have to be super precise to get a nice finished product.

But these past two days, I've been on a mission. My buddy Wenona gave me a pattern for t-shirt dresses. So cute! And easy enough that even I can pull them off.
My problem now is that I can't seem (seam?) to stop. I think I've made 10 of these so far. I'd have a better idea, but Leia insists on wearing them as soon as they're done, swapping out an 'old' one (soooo 5 minutes ago) for the newest edition.

Leia and her friend, Hannah, in matching dresses.

All the t-shirts came from the clearance or sale rack at Target and the fabric was on sale at Joann's. The most I paid for a shirt was $4 - and the least was $1.50. And since I can get two dresses from a 1/2 yard of $6-7 a yard fabric, these dresses cost me almost nothing. I do love me a bargain!

And every seamstress needs a supervisor, right? Lily filled that position yesterday -
although I have to admit she's not the brightest. Notice her bed? And the bright yellow pins sticking out everywhere? I tried moving her but she insisted on coming back.

Leanne kept me in line today, playing happily while I finished up two more dresses for the bigger girls.
Maybe I should make her one (or two) for being such a good helper.


Rach said...

Love those!

Vickie said...

Very CUTE!!