More Fiber

Dick and I headed for Santa Monica and the Contemporary Craft Fair this morning. It's one of my favorite art shows. They have a wide variety of mediums with hundreds of great vendors, including two members of my weaving guild, Deborah Jarchow (wonderful chenilles and a great teacher) and Regina Vorgang (gorgeous rugs). And it doesn't hurt that we had a coupon for two free admissions.

We wandered, ate lunch, and wandered some more, but ended up buying only one thing - fiber. Twelve-ounces of hand-dyed 50/50 bamboo-tencel warp from Teresa Ruch Designs of Portland, OR. Gorgeous stuff.
Teresa had a plastic bin of these tucked away in a corner. She let me dump them all on the booth floor (it was her idea, honest!) so I could sort through them better. Fiber-junkie heaven. I finally settled on this teal/orange/purple colorway; I think it will make a great shawl with some stashed black 10/2 tencel for the weft .
My interest in the twill sampler had kinda stalled. Now I'm really motivated to get it off the Baby Wolf so I can start on this.