We awoke this morning to find ourselves in Kiel Harbor, surrounded by sailing vessels of every description. 

It's 'Kiel Week', the biggest sailing event in the world, 

  View off the stern. 

and thousands of boats are here to take part.

  Hanging out in the Commodore Club, with a view off the bow.

We wandered the harbor for a bit 

before boarding our bus 

  Kiel Canal, the world's busiest artificial waterway

for a trip around town 

  Kiel City Hall and Opera House (on the left)

and then to Laboe, 

home of the German Naval Museum and Memorial, 

and a refurbished German U-boat 

that now serves as a museum.
The drive around town was pretty boring (I may have dozed off . . . )

but the Memorial was interesting. 

  Wall with all ships lost during WWII; WWI was on the opposite wall.

It honors everyone who has lost their life at sea, not just German military. 

The stained glass window was my favorite part - 

beautiful - and the underground eternal flame was very moving. (No pics as I didn't feel right taking photos there.)

The submarine - 

U-995 made famous in the movie 'Das Boot' - 

was as cramped and uncomfortable as you'd expect. 

No way I'd want to be on there in rough seas. How did they not knock themselves unconscious every day?? 

We spent a little time at a nearby resort, 

watching the boats on the Kieler Fjord, 

then it was back to QEII as we set sail for our last stop, Skagen Denmark.

We had a very nice send-off from the harbor tender,

passing a lighthouse 

and the sailor's memorial

on our way to the open sea.


Only two more days until we head for home.