Music and Science

Leia's teacher needed volunteers for a musical instrument presentation and I couldn't get my hand up fast enough.
The program is sponsored by the local professional orchestra and introduces third graders to various instrument 'families' while letting them try out some instruments under supervision (hence the need for volunteers).
Kids can sign up for band in 4th and 5th grade and Leia is already asking to play flute (is it in the genes??). 
I have such great memories of orchestra and band - especially marching band - and I want the baby grands to have the chance to experience that also. So yes, Leia, we can get you a flute.
This was also Science Week, with more volunteer opportunities for Grandma. Monday's experiments involved electromagnets which the kids thought were cool. 
Today's lesson was on force, inertia 
and friction, 
with easy experiments -
like a butterfly make-and-take - 
that explained the concepts on the third grade level. Very cool program that will hopefully get these kids excited about science and future careers.