Windowpane Scarf

I've made this pattern before - both as a scarf and as a block - but wanted to try it in thinner yarn for my upcoming class.
Love, love, love how it turned out.
The interlocking stitch, using two skeins of yarn at a time, takes a little practice, but the resulting fabric is worth it. It's solid, pretty - and very unusual.

I want to say the color change was a design decision,
but in truth, I had only half a skein of the red when I started.
When I reached the end, I thought about fastening off and calling it a "sample",
but I was enjoying this so much,
I bought a complimentary colorway
and kept going.
Best decision I've made in a while.

I may gift this to someone eventually,
but for now, this is mine, mine, mine.


captainhook said...

Love it, and love the Design Decision.